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ADTC-GC has both design programs & software solutions.

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ADTC-Gulf Coast is a CAD/CAM, 3D solid modeling and rapid prototyping company.

  • We sell Rhinoceros® and T-Splines®, software.
  • We provide beginner, intermediate, professional, vocational training, classroom and on-site instruction.
  • We teach surfacing commands, modeling techniques and design work flow skills using easy to use products.

Our customized programs inspire ideas and instruct you how to create exciting new products using 3D design tools. These modeling methods and products are utilized in a broad range of creative careers and innovative industries.

Learn exciting and fulfilling techniques of 3D CAD design in just 24-hours! Your career opportunities are endless…

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Services at a Glance

  • Structured Training Programs
  • Customized, On-Site Training for Industrial & Product Designers
  • Software Product Sales & Support
  • Consultation Services: Inquire for Project Quotations
  • Design & Prototype Services: Inquire for Project Quotations